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During the week from 1 to 5 August, 2016, the Republican Stock Exchange "Toshkent" saw 43 deals with securities signed of 12 joint-stock companies. As a result, 1.4 million shares worth 1.4 billion soums were sold.
In July 2016, the Republican Stock Exchange "Toshkent" saw 16 trading sessions. In tota, 82 deals for the purchase and sale of 49.9 million pieces of securities of 29 issuers were concluded in the past month.
The resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated July 27, 2016. approved measures to further improve the accessibility of the information portal of JSC "Uzbek Republican commodity exchange" and the processes of government and corporate procurement.
The Republican Stock Exchange "Tashkent" which is the main trading platform in the corporate securities market saw sale of 927.8 thousand pieces of shares worth 565.4 mln. soums over the week from July 25 to 29 this year.
In the first half of this year, the Center for coordination and development of securities market and its territorial bodies registered 119 issues of shares with total volume of primary, additional and new issues worth 13.9 trillion soums (at nominal value). Hereby, the corresponding period of the last year registered 173 issues of shares total of 4.8 trillion soums.
Uzbek Republican commodity exchange has modernized its electronic system of exhibition trade in the framework of measures to improve electronic trading, which is the basis for the development of electronic commerce. With the popularity of the Internet-trading growing in the world, the exchange specialists held consistent work to develop the system of exhibitions and trade fairs on the basis of new innovations.
On July 23, the Board of the Uzbek Republican Commodity Exchange held an enlarged meeting on the results of the work of the exchange during the first half of 2016, as well as the tasks set for the third quarter. The meeting was attended by the heads of subdivisions of the Central apparatus and regional branches.
Workshops on the participation of entrepreneurs in government and corporate procurements took place on July 21-22 in Gulistan and Jizzakh cities. The meetings were held in order to broader attract small business and private entrepreneurship entities in the sphere of e-commerce.
The Republican Stock Exchange "Tashkent" sold 1.8 million pieces of shares worth 6.9 billion soums for a week from July 18 to 22.
Starting from 19 July, for the first time in the history, the Uzbek Commodity Exchange started exchange transactions on the sale of polypropylene. Seller of new products on the stock exchange is JV "UZ-KOR GAS CHEMICAL". Currently, 7 contracts with 1 ton lots for each are opened for selling of various grades of polypropylene in the stock market. Terms of delivery are referring to EXW Ustyurt Gas Chemical Complex. The daily volume of lots put up for auction under these contracts is 300 tons, the press service of the Uzbek Commodity Exchange said.

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