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In August, the total volume of transactions concluded on the trading platforms of the Uzbek Republican Commodity Exchange reached 787.1 billion soums, that practically corresponds to the same period last year, the press service of the Uzbek Commodity Exchange says.
A seminar with the participation of infrastructure organizations and other institutions of the securities market of Uzbekistan took place today, at the National Exchange Center. The main goal of the event has become the explanation and discussion of the essence and meaning of the Law "On Investment and Mutual Funds", signed by the President on August 25.
On August 25, President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov signed the law "On investment and mutual funds".
The stock market of liquefied gas in Uzbekistan continues to develop dynamically. So, from August 19, the circle of hydrocarbon traders on the stock exchange has been extended by another manufacturer - "UZ-KOR GAS CHEMICAL", according to the press service of "Uzbek Commodity Exchange" JSC.
Active trades has remained on the stock market of building glass, according to the press service of the Uzbek Republican Commodity Exchange (UZEX). In particular, since the beginning of the year more than 3.5 million square meters of building glass, which is 85% more than last year were realized through electronic exchange trades. The main manufacturer of this product became "Quartz," which is the largest glass producer in Central Asia.
The press conference for media on "Information and communication technologies is an important factor in the development of exchange trading" was held at the National Press Center of the Uzbek Commodity Exchange on August 13.
New seller - "LUKOIL Overseas Supply and Trading Ltd" has been activated in the market of technical sulfur of the Uzbek Republican Commodity Exchange. Just for July, this company sold 3.7 thousand tons of sulfur for 201 million soums. According to the press service of UZEX, the share of "LUKOIL Overseas Supply and Trading Ltd" in total sales of sulfur exceeded 14%.
In order to provide additional amenities for the wider participation of small businesses and private entrepreneurship in electronic trading, JSC "UZEX" together with the Agency "Uzstandard" developed and implemented a software product that allows simplifying the procedure for registration of transactions concluded on the stock exchange.
On July 25, the board of UZEX held an enlarged session devoted to results of activity of the exchange in the first half of 2015 and the tasks for the third quarter. The meeting was attended by the heads of departments of the Central office and regional branches, the press service of UZEX said.
Despite of the height of the construction season, cement stock market over the last 3.5 months showed a downward trend. In particular, the weighted average price of cement PC400 D-20 in the first half of July amounted to 258.2 thousands soums per ton, which is 16% less than on the peak of 2015, recorded in March, the press service of the Uzbek Commodity Exchange reported.

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