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In early December, a record number of sales was registered on the market of liquefied gas of the Uzbek Republican Commodity Exchange (UZEX). Since the beginning of this year, as of December 9, 2015 the total volume of liquefied gas realized through the exchange trades exceeded 400 thousand tons for the first time. This figure is the highest since the start of placing gas on electronic trading on the Uzbek Republican Commodity Exchange. It should be noted that ten years ago the figure was four times less.
In November of the current year, the commodity markets of the Uzbek Republican Commodity Exchange (UZEX) saw active biddings, which is evidenced by their results. The volume of transactions on all trading platforms of the exchange, compared to the same period last year increased by nearly 4% and amounted to 823.8 billion soums. Positive dynamics could be observed at exchange trading and in the public procurement system "D-xarid", the press service of UZEX said.
The new trading platform of Uzbek Republican Commodity Exchange (UZEX) Ц electronic catalogue demonstrates its effectiveness in public procurement. Thus, according to the press service of UZEX, as at 24 November of the current year the total volume of transactions concluded in the electronic catalog exceeded 40 billion soums, budget savings reached 10.2 billion soums. The share of small business and private entrepreneurship entities amounted to 100% of the number and volume of transactions.
In October of the current year the total volume of transactions on the Uzbek Republican Commodity Exchange (UZEX*) increased by 5.7% and amounted to 794.3 billion soums. Significant growth of trading could be observed in the system of fair bidding, the volume of which has grown by half compared to October 2014.
24 October, the Board of UZEX held an enlarged session on the results of exchange activity for 9 months of 2015 and the tasks in the fourth quarter. The heads of subdivisions of the Central apparatus and regional branches attended the meeting.
Tashkent hosted regular session of the Legislative chamber of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Deputies examined a number of bills aimed at further deepening of reforms in different spheres of society.
The activity of commercial banks on the securities market plays a significant role in ensuring economic stability and further growth in the country, particularly in the development of the stock market.
Over the first nine months of this year, the number of transactions at the Republican Stock Exchange "Toshkent" has reached a record pick in the last five years - 1844, which is almost three times higher than last year, according to the newspaper "Pravda Vostoka".
The overall volume of transactions, as compared to September 2014, grew by 3.1% and made up 812.6 billion soums, says UzEx's press service.
The reinforcement prices in the stock market remain volatile in the current year, because of the dynamics of its supply and demand, according to the press service of the Uzbek Republican Commodity Exchange (UZEX

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